Girls' School

We love the family feeling throughout the school. The teachers all make such an effort to get to know each child and their interests. There are lots of events for parents to be involved in which make it easy to meet other parents and feel part of the place very quickly. The classroom always feels calm and welcoming and the small classes mean the children really get great support from their teacher.  Our son and daughter love going to school each day and are always disappointed when it’s not a school day! - Emma

Cathedral Grammar is a school that we love as parents as it provides a fantastic and rounded education; and our children love it as well as it provides them unique and amazing opportunities, they get helpful and individualised attention, and the teachers make school fun and welcoming.  It is rare that both parents and children both love a school for what it does, but this happens at Cathedral Grammar. - Brendan

Cathedral Grammar is like the Goldilocks school - it is big enough that there are great opportunities and plentiful resources, but small enough that everyone knows your name and each student gets individual attention from their teacher each and every lesson. I am so amazed, on a daily basis, by the high level of personal care, guidance and learning opportunities our girls have.  They have both grown in confidence above and beyond our expectations.  We are incredibly grateful for their passionate teachers and the fantastic environment. The after school comments are a surprise each time; “great day,” “fun day” or “do you put money in high risk investment?”....from Miss 7!  We love the happiness and values girls are learning and showing us. - Sally

Our family would like to share a brief note outlining our daughters two years experience at The Cathedral Grammar School. With the kindness, enthusiasm and encouragement from the Principal through to the Teachers this gave our daughter a nurturing culture which promotes learning and encouragement to participate in all aspects of school life. As a result this gave our daughter a sense of direction which led her to a Head Girl role. During her years at The Cathedral Grammar School, she learnt how to embrace challenges and overcome hurdles which gave her the quality of resilience and determination. Her skills and achievements were enhanced and supported at all times by this culture which steamed from the teaching staff. We would recommend Cathedral Grammar as it is an outstanding school, our daughter has excelled there and it has set her up in all areas for the next five years of secondary school and that's why we have sent  our youngest daughter also there. - Jonny and Franny

Our daughter joined the Girls’ School in Year 7 and has thoroughly enjoyed her first year at the school. Cathedral Grammar provides a comprehensive and balanced approach to education and a broad suite of accessible extra-curricular activities for all children. Our daughter has received strong support from talented and dedicated staff and we feel that she has benefited greatly from Cathedral Grammar’s smaller class sizes. The school community is fantastic and very involved. We are very pleased with our choice of school and have no hesitation recommending Cathedral Grammar to others. - Mark

Boys' School

We came to Cathedral Grammar looking for an environment where our boys would be able to build their confidence and try new things. Where they would be challenged but also supported. Where their individual personalities would be recognised and they would be encouraged to be the best version of themselves. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t say to each other “it’s our best decision ever!” - Karen

We have been very impressed with the quality of the teaching staff and their attention to the individual needs of our boys. Everyday the boys return home with fascinating stories about how they got to learn about topics of interest to them; either by writing, drawing or reading books on their chosen subject, they are learning in a fun way that makes them keen to know more. - Craig

Our son has absolutely enjoyed his 8 years at The Cathedral Grammar School. It has also been a pleasure for us, as parents, to see him growing from a wee boy into a confident young man successful across a number of areas.. The academic excellence, musical competency and leadership skill development provided at Cathedral Grammar, has given him a great foundation from which to build on as he moves onto his next learning experience at secondary school.  He has not only enjoyed the range of activities provided at Cathedral Grammar from; sport, outside activities, opportunity to join the Cathedral choir, extension classes, music performances and leadership opportunities, but the school has also supported and helped develop in him a respect for his teachers, fellow students and others generally. The Cathedral Grammar school produces students that are well rounded in all aspects of life, academically and morally. The school supports and helps students to be the best that they can be. If this is what you would want for your child, I would recommend the Cathedral Grammar school as one of the best to help develop and guide your child to achieve that goal. - April and Neville

The Cathedral Grammar School has been an amazing school for our daughter who wasn't being challenged enough in the public system. It provided a small class environment and allowed our daughter to extend herself in both English and Mathematics by offering extension classes. There were an outstanding number of extended options to get involved in and great leadership opportunities. The teachers were incredibly supportive and  she is now very well prepared for her Secondary education. It was only from the advice of her teachers that she chose to sit the Scholarship exams for high school and managed to secure an academic scholarship to St Margaret's College. I believe The Cathedral Grammar School is amazing and would highly recommend it. - Shelley