Welcome from the admission's office

I frequently hear the words “I just want my child to be happy” spoken by parents who are often overwhelmed by the decision making process of choosing the right school for their children. The myriad of glossy brochures and “information overload” usually only adds to the confusion.

At The Cathedral Grammar School, we prepare children for life in an environment of nurturing, knowing and growing. This means Cathedral Grammar is a safe place for students to experiment and express themselves as they discover the joy of knowledge and what the learning journey can truly mean. Students here know they’ll be supported as they find their own path because they are encouraged to seek and try different ways and approaches. We tell them it’s ok to try, and fail, as long as you try again, because every day is another chance to learn.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your child and how we can support their learning journey. Contact me today by emailing me at: oramn@cathedralgrammar.school.nz or telephone 03 365 0385.

Warm regards

Nicky Oram
Director of Enrolments, Marketing and Communications

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