Actively engaging individuals and meeting their specific learning needs

Unique in New Zealand, our Preparatory School has separate Girls’ and Boys’ School campuses. Single sex classes offer the opportunity to target and deliver our curriculum in the most effective and interesting style possible while allowing the flexibility to bring classes together.

Our Preparatory Schools are divided into two learning centres: Years 4-6 and 7-8. Our innovative Preparatory Schools pride themselves on being places where every decision is based on research about how boys and girls learn and develop, and how they thrive, physically, intellectually, creatively, spiritually, and socially. ‘Nurture, Know, Grow’ simply means providing an environment that prepares girls and boys for life.

Every child is a unique individual ready to be challenged, grown and empowered to explore and discover their potential. At Cathedral Grammar, Preparatory School students enjoy an education underpinned by a rich academic tradition, but one that also actively engages them through a future-focused context. Our students are our future leaders. Cathedral Grammar children believe in themselves, know they can dream big, create, innovate, and make a difference in their own and others’ lives.

Developing a belief in what can be achieved, making a difference, changing the world.

In Years 4-6 at our Girls’ and Boys’ Preparatory Schools, class teachers teach the core classroom subjects, while specialist teachers take music, art, religious education, and physical education. Teachers emphasise developing each child to believe that through perseverance and hard work, he or she can set and achieve amazing goals.

Our senior students focus on making a difference by changing the world for the better. Our students receive specialist teaching in English, mathematics, science, technology, robotics, hard materials, digital literacy, art, physical education, religious education and music. Our tailor-made Mitre Programme is designed to prepare our senior students for life after Cathedral Grammar. Mitre emphasises personal development, leadership, and service, culminating in an annual overseas Year 8 service trip.