Our school structure supports how different ages learn.

The Cathedral Grammar School is an independent school providing high quality education for pre-school, primary school and intermediate aged girls and boys.

Our school structure is unique among New Zealand schools and designed to ensure students have the opportunity to make the most of their formative school years. Children learn in different ways at different ages. At Cathedral Grammar, our students learn in both co-educational (mixed) and single-sex learning environments at times when this best suits their learning styles.

In Pre-School and the Junior School (new entrant to Year 3) children learn in a co-educational environment.

Students in Years 4-8 attend either our Boys’ or Girls’ Preparatory Schools. Single sex classes offer the opportunity to target and deliver our curriculum in the most effective and interesting style possible while allowing the flexibility to bring classes together. Our Preparatory Schools are divided into two learning centres: Years 4-6 and 7-8. Our innovative Preparatory Schools pride themselves on being places where every decision is based on research about how boys and girls learn and develop, and how they thrive, physically, intellectually, creatively, spiritually, and socially.

This unique structure offers you choice in the selection of a school to best suit your child's needs and greater flexibility around entry points and times along their academic journey.