A unique and special history

No other independent preparatory school in Christchurch has a history as rich or as long as ours. We are defined by our intrinsic relationship with the iconic ChristChurch Cathedral. Established as sister institutions together in 1881, our school’s original purpose was the training of boys for the Cathedral’s choir and preparing them for further education.

This tradition continues today with Cathedral Grammar being one of only two choir schools in the Southern Hemisphere, and the ChristChurch Cathedral Choir the only professional choir for boys in New Zealand. Being a part of this unique group provides them with a superb training in music with world-class directors and performers. 

Values, virtues and our Christian spirit

We believe a well-rounded character is just as important as academic success and people often comment about the charm, confidence and character of our students when they visit the school. This is a reflection of our dedication to the Anglican faith and our core Christian values of faith, hope and love. Our students see Christianity being lived every day in many ways, including our virtues programme and the school's values that infuse the curriculum.

Healthy pastoral care meets the wide variety of needs of the students to help sustain a loving, caring group of individuals who nurture and support one another.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our Anglican character goes beyond the students with many considering the family-based community spirit a highlight of our school culture.

Our pillars

Everyone matters           Think, try, reflect
Fearlessly aim high         Do the right thing