What does it mean to be an enviroschool Pre-School?

An "Enviroschool" in a Pre-School context refers to an educational approach that places a strong emphasis on environmental awareness, sustainability, and fostering a connection with the natural world. Enviroschools aim to integrate ecological principles, conservation practices, and an understanding of environmental issues into the learning experiences of young children.

In a Pre-School setting, being an Enviroschool means incorporating eco-consciousness into various aspects of the curriculum, routines, and activities. This can involve teaching children about topics such as recycling, energy conservation, biodiversity, and the importance of caring for the planet. It also often includes engaging children in hands-on experiences that allow them to explore and appreciate nature firsthand, such as gardening, outdoor exploration, and nature-based play.

Enviroschools in Pre-Schools encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility for the environment and to understand their role as stewards of the Earth. Through age-appropriate activities and discussions, children learn to value nature, make sustainable choices, and become environmentally conscious individuals from an early age.