The school community is the heart of our school.

Whilst the core of the school in its day-to-day operations is based on three key groups - the students, parents and staff, the wider school community is an essential ingredient of the school's success.

The education of our children, their happiness and well-being requires that the school is a happy learning environment. Trust and mutual respect between the parents and the school is a critical part of this relationship.

Student Board

Our students are aware they are fortunate in life and desire strongly the opportunity to give back to the community. They have their own Board of Senior Students (BOSS) which undertakes activities to support local and national charities, and international aid organisations. 

Friends' Association

The Friends' Association is similar to a parent-teacher association, and through its fundraising activities provides support to the students, as well as arranging many social highlights in the life of the school.

Grammarians' Association

The Grammarians' Association plays an important part in keeping in touch with the school alumni.

ChristChurch Cathedral

The school's very foundation is inextricably bound to ChristChurch Cathedral and contact between the two on matters major and minor remains a daily happening.