The Cathedral Grammar School recognises it is a great privilege to partner with families in supporting the educational journey of their children. Learning at Cathedral Grammar is designed as a continuous pathway. This means whole school alignment of curriculum and pedagogy, and a shared responsibility of student learning realised through a strong and cohesive team approach.

Our Pathways to School programme has been specifically designed to ensure that your child has the best possible start at school and introduces your child to the foundations of numeracy and literacy through play based interactions, whilst building relationships and connections with Junior School staff and children in familiar environment.

When can my child commence school?

It is a legal requirement that children must be 5 when they commence school. To accommodate this, we have two entry intakes per term, weeks 1 and 5.

New Entrant Intakes - 2024

Term 3:  22 July and 19 August
Term 4:  14 October and 11 November

New Entrant Intakes - 2025

Term 1:  27 January and 24 February
Term 2:  28 April and 26 May
Term 3:  14 July and 11 August
Term 4:  6 October 3 November

School visits

  • You will receive details of your child's school visits prior to the commencing Term. 
  • School visits consist of 4 visits, twice weekly, and are scheduled in Weeks 5 and 8. 
  • During these visits, your child will experience a school morning with a literacy and numeracy activity and the chance to play with the other children, and their Year 3 buddy will look after them at morning tea playtime.

Buddy programme

Our buddy programme is designed to develop a sense of belonging for all new entrant children joining our school community. It also empowers our Year 3 students, who are the leaders of the Junior School. Your child will be allocated a Year 3 buddy, who will write to your child and provide a photo of themselves via email, in the week prior to your child's first school visit. 

Enquire now about our 'Pathways to School programme'

Making a positive start to school provides children with opportunities to develop academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually, which all contribute to well-being and happiness. Children who are happy in themselves and in their surroundings, are better able to meet life’s challenges. They are also better learners and have stronger relationships with their peers. The Cathedral Grammar ‘Pathways to School programme’ will enable your child to move seamlessly from Pre-School to Junior School.

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