The risks and challenges of the governance role of independent school boards reflect those of the corporate world. The Board of Trustees has between its members a broad range of interests, talents and experience. The Board seeks to implement excellence in governance as a key organisational goal by exercising principles of rigour, transparency and accountability.

The premise of such a goal is that for our School to achieve excellence in its educational, Christian and community mission, the governing body must be highly strategic and effective in its leadership, planning and oversight functions. The Board governs the organisation in a manner in which it actively facilitates achievement of our School’s goals and vision.

The Board operates a number of standing committees, including Audit and Performance, Health and Safety, Marketing and Finance. The role of each of these committees is to recommend action to the Board of Trustees on the basis of considered analysis of information relevant to its specified area of expertise, consistent with routine function under its Terms of Reference or on specific referral from the Board Chair. All committees report regularly to the Board.

Board Members

Dean Lawrence Kimberley (Acting Chair)
Andre Hofenk
Andrew Marsh
Charles Ferguson
Chas Muir
Chris Oldham
Rebecca Rosie
Suzanne Price