We believe it is important in the fast-moving pace of this digital era, that every child receives a balanced approach between the use of traditional tools of learning and modern technologies. There are a number of factors to consider when determining which learning tools will best suit the outcomes being targeted and the type of content being taught. 

We still expect every child to use the traditional tools of pencil, pen, paper, books, and rulers. We also expect every child to use information technology and e-learning tools to support and enhance their learning. Research indicates that there is significant benefit to students who experience a balanced approach that is targeted to their needs.

Benefits of pen and paper include:

  • Providing a low distraction environment for improved task focus
  • Improving motor-skills and memory through the cognitive exercise of writing.
  • Increasing flexibility and freedom to brainstorm, note take, doodle, sketch and develop ideas creatively.
  • Increasing satisfaction as incremental improvements are realised and obvious overtime. 

Benefits of digital technologies include:

  • Allowing for alternative methods for engaging and motivating students.
  • Providing an efficient approach to learning tasks
  • Enhancing collaboration and communication.
  • Redesigning tasks and creating previously inconceivable tasks.

Years 1 through 4, Cathedral Grammar provides classroom devices to support learning. There is no requirement or expectation for any child to provide their own device. If you believe it is in your child’s best interest to have their own device, please contact your classroom teacher to discuss any special requirements further. As a rule, we recommend waiting until Year 5 to purchase a device.

From Year 5, children are expected to purchase a device. Cathedral Grammar has partnered with Cyclone Computers, which provides educational pricing for laptops.  Cyclone is a New Zealand owned company providing bespoke procurement, implementation and support services for education, government and business. You are not obliged to purchase from Cyclone, but they can offer their own extended warranty as well as other services such as laptop insurance.

 If it is your intention to purchase a device, please be sure that it meets our minimum specification requirements. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Simon Lean-Massey, Head of e-Learning, email:  lean-masseys@cathedralgrammar.school.nz