Sport at Cathedral Grammar is about more than physical fitness.

It teaches students the importance of teamwork, learning to co-operate, share and make the sum of the whole greater than the parts. It is also an opportunity for your child to push themselves and understand what they’re capable of achieving.

We are a proud sporting school with an array of young sportspeople of all talents and abilities, learning the value of physical education and competition. Over the years we have produced four All Blacks, including an All Black captain, Canterbury cricketers, a champion race driver, national age group swimming, National level rowers and ice skating champions, and a USA men’s hockey team coach.

Students enjoy access to a range of sports and recreation activities at Cathedral Grammar. Artificial turfs provide year-round play for a variety of sports as well as two upper body strength playgrounds to suit different age groups.

Our Junior School students experience specialist coaching as part of their physical education programme with a focus on fundamental skills and fair play. Our Prep School students participate in rugby, football, hockey, netball and table tennis in the winter terms as part of the Primary Sports Canterbury winter tournament. As part of our summer sports programme, we offer non-traditional sports in our Xtend programme. Experiences include horse riding, blokarting, rock climbing, orienteering, mountain biking, croquet, golf, tennis, mountain running, surfing and trampolining.

As an independent school, we are also very proud of our traditional sports exchanges and our highly competitive house competitions.