Here it all begins

At our Pre-School we balance play with stimulating young minds, all the while ensuring our environment allows children to see themselves as capable, competent and confident learners. Through play the children are supported to engage in literacy, numeracy, science, technology, music, art and physical education. Specialist teachers lead weekly art and physical education lessons in The Cathedral Grammar School which nurtures, exposes and extends children's natural curiosity and early talents.

Children are supported to develop strong social connections with teachers, peers, families and the wider community. Children are encouraged to build on skills in listening, self-help, risk taking, social interactions, concentration and preparing the Pre-School children for a successful start to their schooling education.

All the facilities of The Cathedral Grammar School are available to our Pre-Schoolers, and there are strong links to the Junior School to make your child’s transition as straightforward and smooth as possible.

Our Pre-School students also enjoy regular playground fun and story time with the ‘big kids’, students from the Girls’ and Boys’ Prep Schools.

Weekly specialist classes

The Pre-School children enjoy the following weekly specialist classes:

  • specialist art 
  • yoga
  • physical education
  • library 
  • dance
  • language 
  • gymnastics
  • numeracy and literacy (Pathways to School programme)

In Term 2 and 3, the children are transported in the school vans to The Christchurch School of Gymnastics.

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