More individual attention ensures students' strengths can be built on and additional learning support offered where needed.

In addition to our unique school structure, small class sizes are designed to allow students maximum interaction and attention from their teachers. Teachers also have more opportunity to use flexible instruction techniques to suit the needs of each individual. 

Optimum class sizes

Junior School

Year 1                          16 students

Years 2 - 3                  20 students

The low student to teacher ratio ensures each new entrant is closely monitored and feels secure in a nurturing setting as they begin Junior School. 

Girls’ & Boys' Prep Schools

Years 4 – 6                  24 students

Year 7 – 8                    24 students

Our class size policy allows the Principal to have discretion to enrol above the optimum stated above. Where such discretion is exercised, additional teaching resources will be provided if considered necessary.


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