An exciting and happy place to discover and explore

The first years of school are crucial for laying the foundations for a lifelong love of learning.

At our Junior School, we inspire young people to learn within a happy, secure and caring atmosphere, where each child’s strengths are allowed to develop to their fullest. Students are given the opportunity, encouragement and skills to achieve their personal best in all aspects of the school curriculum, and to contribute towards their development as confident, happy members of the school community.

Class teachers teach the core classroom subjects, while specialist teachers take music, art, and physical education, with an emphasis on fine motor-skill development.

Our small classes mean we are able to foster self-esteem through emphasising and rewarding high standards of achievement, presentation and behaviour, and there are various opportunities for learning-extension and learning-support programmes, music and speech lessons, and extra-curricular activities.

This all takes place in a modern classroom block with a roof deck overlooking North Hagley Park and a slide from the rooftop to a green courtyard below! The building's strong indoor/outdoor flow means constant engagement with the outside world, perfect for young children in a classroom environment.