Term 2 will commence on Wednesday 29 April via online learning, we wish to remind students of our online learning etiquette expectations.

To download an etiquette poster to display in your child's workspace, download here: 
Online Etiquette Poster

You will be expected to adhere to the following etiquette rules for engaging in video conferencing:

  • Start the sessions with your microphone off and follow the teacher’s instructions.
  • Be appropriately dressed for engaging in conferencing with teachers and peers – casual clothes are fine, but you need to be dressed for the day.
  • Avoid eating and drinking when participating in calls; you should be focussed on the learning and discussion, and just as you would not eat and drink in class, you should avoid this when engaging remotely.
  • Be polite and respectful to peers and teachers – a video conferencing call may seem more casual, but student engagement and communication will be expected to meet the same high standards as face to face interactions would at school.
  • Notify your teacher if you are unable to participate – just as you would be expected to let a teacher know if you are unable to attend a class or activity, the same will be expected for video conferencing (unless there is a known issue around network access). Attendance and participation will be noted.
  • Locate yourself appropriately – finding a relatively quiet space will enable you to focus on engaging with your teacher and peers. This also mean tidying your personal space if you need to use your own room.
  • Be aware that your teacher may record video conferencing sessions; if you have a concern about this, please alert them before participating.
  • Do not record any online face-to-face meetings. Only teachers may do this.