The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School is a small family-orientated community-based education centre for boys and girls, located in the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School’s central city campus.

Director, Lyndell Turner, leads a team of caring early childhood staff who possess a deep understanding of how young children learn.

“Each teacher is responsive to individual interests, strengths and abilities. They listen closely to children, support them to develop oral language skills and share their ideas”.

“Our Pre-School philosophy values play as an instrument in stimulating and shaping child development and early learning. Through planned and spontaneous play experiences, children form relationships, share, cooperate, develop self-control, test ideas and friendships, extend their range of experience and form associations among things, events and concepts”.

“Our program has developed a balance between child-centred and adult-led play, plus we value extended blocks of time for children to make discoveries, to elaborate on projects, and to evolve a script in symbolic play”.

The Pre-School children are fortunate to be located on the grounds of The Cathedral Grammar School. This means access to numerous activities and resources such as specialist art, music and physical education teachers which add value to an already strong and varied programme.

The Pre-School can currently offer places to prospective enrolments. For more information and centre tours, please contact Nicky Oram, Registrar on (03) 365 0385 or email inquiries to

Hours of Operation: 8:00am–5:00pm
ECE Hours Available
Address: 26 Park Terrace, Christchurch 8013

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