Last week marked a memorable chapter as we welcomed St. Mark’s from Wellington to our School. This special exchange reflects a cherished relationship that has flourished over many years, allowing students from both schools to form deep and lasting friendships.

Despite the chilly weather, the spirit of competition was alive as our students engaged in spirited netball and football fixtures. Beyond the field, the echoes of music resonated through our halls as the choirs of both schools harmonised in Evensong at The Christchurch Cathedral. Guided by the skilled hands of both School's Directors of Music, Chris Adams and Anya Nazaruk, this shared musical experience left a profound impression.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Deputy Principals from both Schools, Mr Ryan Shaughnessy and Mrs Erica Harvison, whose meticulous planning made this exchange a success. Our appreciation also goes to our welcoming hosting families, who opened their homes and hearts to create a memorable experience for our visitors.

As we reflect on this enriching cultural exchange, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to come together with St. Mark’s School. The bonds of friendship, cultural understanding, and shared experiences are the foundation of such meaningful connections, reminding us of the immeasurable value of fostering relationships beyond our borders. Until our paths cross again, here's to the spirit of friendship that knows no boundaries!
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