Our values, guiding pillars and virtues

As a community of students, parents and staff, we are committed to fostering the development of the whole child through these values and pillars each and every day.  Our curriculum reflects, instils and manifests these in all aspects of learning, as do our 12 core virtues reflected in our graduate profile.

Our values

Faith, Hope and Love.  The Christian values of Faith, Hope and Love together with our four guiding pillars, govern and inspire all that we do at The Cathedral Grammar School.

Our guiding pillars

Everyone matters - Te amorangi ki mua, hapai
Do the right thing - Me tika tō mahi
Think, try, reflect - Titiro whakamuri, kokiri whakamua
Fearlessly aim high - Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki ti tūohu koe me he maunga teitei


The Cathedral Grammar graduate has...

Commitment – Herenga
When we display commitment we are focusing our energy and efforts on a particular task with perseverance.

Creativity – Wihanga-Tanga
When we display creativity we experiment and produce new ideas. We are willing to think ‘outside the
box’ and to take risks.

Courage – Māia
When we display courage we are standing up for what we believe in.

Curiosity – Pākiki
When we show curiosity we are inquisitive about things. We express a desire to learn, understand and make sense of the world.

Empathy – Aroha
When we display empathy we are aware of the feelings and emotions of others.

Excellence - Hiranga
When we display excellence we are giving our best to any task we do or any relationships we have.

Generosity - Ohaoha
When we display generosity, we are giving and sharing without the intention of receiving recognition or reward in return.

Honesty - Pono
When we display honesty we are being sincere, open, trustworthy, and truthful.

Integrity - Tapatahi
When we display integrity we consistently choose to behave in a manner that shows strong moral and ethical principles. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Resilience - Manawanawa
When we are resilient we have the capacity to recover from difficulties and adapt well to life-changing situations, stressful conditions and personal setbacks. Developing resilience is crucial if we are to be equipped for a world where failure is accepted as a part of growth and learning.

Respect - Whakaute
When we display respect we are honouring people and caring about their rights. Treating people with respect gives them the dignity they deserve. Being respectful is reflected in the courtesy with which we treat one another, and in the way we speak.

Unity - Kotahitanga
When we display unity we willingly interact with a variety of people, treating others fairly and equally.