Creativity, independent and critical thinking are vital components of education. Providing rich learning experiences encourages students to reflect on issues, think creatively, problem solve and work collaboratively, all whilst having fun.

The Year 7 Wearable Arts programme is a signature event on the calendar for students and the wider community of The Cathedral Grammar School.

Students enjoy working collaboratively and exploring environmental issues pertinent to them. Inspiring creations that challenge others to look differently at waste, and how we use our limited resources. Expanding this learning to the real-world context can show young people the value of reusing resources, while teaching them that their actions can have an impact on the world around them.

The 2021 Wearable Arts theme was World Olympics and all costumes were made by the students from recycled materials.

Our sincere thanks to specialist art teacher, Mrs Jude Gray for the enormous amount of work preparing and guiding the students with their concepts and creations.

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